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There are many volunteer opportunities available throughout the year, including Darwin Day. We rely on volunteers to smoothly execute events. If you are interested in volunteering click here.


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Calendar of Events

  • October 25, 2014
    • Halloween Party V: The Revenge of PZ Myers
      Starts: 7:30 pm
      Ends: October 26, 2014 - 12:00 am
      Location: 4156 Wendy Ave, West Valley City, UT 84120, USA
      Description: Come out and celebrate Samhain with your fellow atheists, agnostics, humanists, free-thinkers, skeptics, etc. AofU's Halloween will take place on Saturday, October 25th, at 7:30 pm. There will be food, drinks, a costume contest, prize drawing, and FUN FUN FUN!

      Let's all give a huge thank you to Kent and Summer Kingdon for being our gracious hosts!

      BYOB and please bring a snack to share. AofU will provide pizza.

      This event is for current AofU members. An annual membership is ONLY $25 and it that entitles you to a bunch of great things like:

      * Annual Atheists of Utah Campout
      * Ice Cream Social
      * Summer picnic
      * Discount Pride Parade T-shirt
      * Discount Winter Gala tickets
      * Entrance to our quarterly parties and free pizza
      * Voting rights for Board elections
      * Bring your "+1" to member events
      * Supporting AofU supporting other awesome community events (Pride parade/festival), fundraisers (Light The Night Walk) and non-profits (Homeless Youth Resource Center)

      If all that doesn't convince you that being a member is awesome and rewarding, you can still attend for a $10 per person cover.

      **!!PRIZE DRAWING!!**
      We will have LOTS of fabulous PRIZES to be won. Bring a bottle or six pack of your favorite libation to donate to the BUCKET O' BOOZE, the GRAND PRIZE, and receive FIVE (5) tickets. Join or renew your AoU membership that night and get FIVE (5) additional tickets! Additional tickets will be available at $5 each.


      Due to the government shutdown, certain benefits (including WIC and food stamps) have been extremely limited. Our local food banks are starting to run low. Atheists of Utah wants to do our part to help the Utah Food bank by having a food drive at our Halloween Party!

      If you bring a bag of at least five (5) non-perishable food items you will receive ONE (1) additional ticket for the prize drawing. Bring fifteen (15) food items and get FIVE (5) tickets!! Be the person to bring the MOST items and win a wonderful mystery door prize!

  • October 26, 2014
    • Social Coffee Chat "Unday School"
      Starts: 1:00 pm
      Ends: October 26, 2014 - 3:00 pm
      Location: Grounds for Coffee 25th Street, 111 25th Street, Ogden, UT
      Description: Has church got you all tied in knots? Is your sect driving a wedge between your behavior and your true feelings? Real morality begins here. Does anyone treat you badly for asking questions? We don't. Are all your friends from "church"? Make a few that aren't. We have usually picked a convenient coffee house for our social gathering. Hang out with the like-minded, without falling for confirmation bias, & bias bias. Don't know what that is? Come ask us about logic, reason, & good decision making. And we love to talk about science.